Gucci Open Loafers Trend: Autumn 2017 19th March 2017

Gucci Open Loafers Trend: Autumn 2017

You know what’s beautiful? Gucci’s Princetown leather slipper.

Chic, elegant, classy, and that little touch of rebellion. Every celebrity — from Kendall to Gigi — has been strutting around in them; we want them, you want them, everyone wants them.

And they can be yours for the super cheap price of AUD$715…

We feel you. Not many of us have that amount of ‘spare change’ lying around in our pockets. And not many of us can afford the ability to spend two weeks worth of rent in a single purchase.

But we’ve got your back. Let us introduce you to a new collection of ours….TWIG.

The same type of vibe, that familiar classiness and elegance (and let’s not forget, great quality) available for the price of $59.95. Ahhh, much better.

Still a bit wary on the open loafers trend? We get it, no one wants to accidentally pull off that ‘home slipper’ aesthetic or the ‘putting on mum’s old slippers to go outside and help her carry in the shopping’ type of feel.

So we’ve come up with a couple of tips below to give you an idea on how to properly sass out to TWIG. You’ll end up adding a touch of Paris, London, and Milan to your Australian autumn days.

(Hint: get ready for the denim tsunami.)

  1. Denim for Days
    Source: the adorable two

    Denim everywhere. If you scour through Pinterest for ‘open loafer’ styling tips, you’ll probably see a lot of jeans. Everywhere.And they’re not wrong. By pairing up your open loafers with classic blue-dyed jeans, you’re providing the perfect contrast between elegance and comfort. Rather than making you appear more casual, it will actually do the opposite and make you appear that little bit more refined and put together (tip: perfect for those hangover mornings when you’re trying to provide that illusion of ‘I’ve got this’).Which style of jeans go best? We recommend the Boyfriend or Mom fit, if you’re after that European look.
  2. Grunge Chic
    Sources: tommy ton & who what wear & source

    Take everything we said in Tip #1 and add ripped jeans. This could mean ripped hems or ripped knees. Ignore the looks from the grandparents during those Sunday lunches, and pair them up with a classic white shirt.And while you’re at it, include some You’ll exude London.
  3. The Autumn Minimalist
    Source: Instagram @anoukyveFashion is all about self-confidence. Some of us may not feel like experimenting with the grunge or alt denim look, which is why we’re also recommending the autumn minimalist style.
    What does it include? Simple cropped pants or jeans, a basic neutral coloured top, and a scarf. Easy.Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

    For more shoes ideas to wear this autumn read ‘2017 Autumn Footwear Trends’

  4. Back to Black
    Sources: & Steal The Look

    Our TWIG collection is available in black, nude, rose gold, and silver. Meaning you don’t just have to stick to the classic blue denims, black, and white.However, we’re really digging the black and white look recently. It you’re not opting for the chic-casual look, the black and white colours will really showcase that classy European feel. It’ll serve as a reminder that your overseas summer holidays are only three months away – get dreamin’!

  5. Fully Woolly

    Source: bloglovin’

    Nothing says Autumn like an extra large knitted jumper, tight leggings or black skinny jeans, and a pair of TWIGs.

    You’ll suit any occasion. Whether it be a classy restaurant, a night out with the squad, that quick dash to Westfields, or a tourist strut through Rome. You’ll be stylish regardless of your location.

Ready to conquer the TWIG look? You can purchase them in-store, online, or through our InstaShop! They’re also available in black, nude, rose gold, and silver!

Header source: Gucci

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