2017 Autumn Footwear Trends: How To Deal With Rain, Hail, Or Shine 12th March 2017

2017 Autumn Footwear Trends: How To Deal With Rain, Hail, Or Shine

We’re a couple of weeks into Autumn and we’ve already had to deal with the following:

1.  Trying to hide the ‘hot crossed buns’ bloat under our way too tight pencil skirts

2.  Waking up those early mornings and longingly staring at our ‘Going to Europe for Summer!’ Countdown. And then realising that its another 142 days away.

3. The decline in those really good Tinder accounts as all the backpackers have left to chase the sun in other countries.

4.  Crazy weather dictated by a way too moody Mother Nature. (How can it pour rain but be way too hot and cold at the same time?!)

While we might not be able to help you with the first three points, we definitely have your back in dealing with Autumn and its favourite roulette game of rain, hail, or shine.

We’ve got every type of footwear, ready to deal with every kind of weather.

1.Hallelujah, It’s Raining Gold

Image Source: Who What Wear

White sneakers go with everything, so it makes sense that they can go with any kind of weather — especially during the wet season. Get the versatile Gigi Hadid look (but do it on a budget) with our ARCHIE collection ($30 — sale alert!!). They’re perfect for those wet autumn mornings and the even windier nights. Wear them to the snazziest restaurant by dressing them up with your favourite cropped pants, and pair it up with a silk top and (faux) fur jacket. Or, wear them to the local burger joint with that active wear that has never really been used as activewear (we’re not ones to judge).

If you like the gold but want to take it that step further, we suggest our SABA Rose Gold ($119.95) look. They’ll persevere through the hail, they’ll make you look fierce AND they’ll be perfect for those unexpected moments of sunshine.

If both of these pairs are too casual for work wear, wear them for the commute — your feet will thank you for it!

2. Go Velvet

Nothing makes us feel warmer than the comforting thought of velvet. Back from the 90s, velvet will continue to take the fashion world by storm during 2017. Featured all over Europe’s latest catwalks, velvet manages to simultaneously exude class, elegance, and a little bit of quirkiness.

Image Source: Styleblazer

Get the European look with our pair of VEGAN ($89.95) heeled boots. They’ll not only give your toes that little bit of air when it’s most needed, but they’ll also keep you up to date with the tie-up look.

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Not a high heel wearer? No problem — velvet never discriminates! There’s no one better to take advice from than our fashion queen, Ashley Olsen. Velvet slip ons provide you with that sport luxe look that continues to be all the rage.

Image Source: E! Online

You can copy Ashley’s look with our LAKE ($59.95) collection.

3. Cause You’re Hot & You’re Cold

Nothing symbolises that ambiguous period between Summer and Winter more than loafers. Leather loafers in particular. They’re perfect for office wear, (regardless as to whether your office has skimped out on that air-conditioning, or provided you with polar conditions instead), and go great with jeans or pants that you can find in your wardrobe. Whatever the occasion, you need them in your boot for all fashion emergencies as they can be paired with any seasonal outfits: singlets for summer — turtle necks and coats for winter.

Image Source: Lainey Gossip

Kristen Stewart is a great example of the versatility of loafers and she pulls it off amazingly. Look no further as you can achieve her look with our TWIG ($59.95) collection (you’re welcome).

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A fan of the Freelance shoes featured in this blog post? You can purchase them in-store, online, or through our Instashop!



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