New Trend Alert!: Knee High Boots (finally!) 8th March 2017

New Trend Alert!: Knee High Boots (finally!)

Knee high boots are back (we can’t believe that they were EVER out of fashion).

As we’re reaching the end of Summer (supposedly), it’s time to start sussing out our Autumn and Winter wardrobes. One trend that we know is going to take Australia by storm in 2017 is the knee high and over the knee boots…


This is possibly a scary trend for those of us who were born with steel calves, but there is no better boot that will show off your legs, make you seem taller, and simultaneously give you that classy, casual, and edgy look.

Therefore, it’s time to wave goodbye to any insecurities and fashion doubts and embrace this trend by reading some of our following styling tips:

1. White is Alright

KimK started this trend (once again), so we may as well take a note of some of her styling tips. Nothing screams classy like a long button-up white shirt. Be creative with this look: choose a tighter shirt if you’re wanting to show off those curves, or choose something loose so that you can mimic the ‘vacationing in Cabo’ kind of look. The white shirt works because it creates a clean, contrasting look against any coloured thigh or knee high boots.

2. Style it with a skirt

People have always associated knee high boots with jeans and motorbikes. You don’t have to don the leather (although is leather ever a bad idea?) to properly style these. Channel your Sailor Moon Vibes by opting for your favourite dresses or skirts. Not only will this accentuate your legs, but opting for the black or grey micro colours of our HanoverLamontSally or Monica boots will make it seem like you’ve been sticking to your ‘definitely going to the gym’ New Year’s resolution.

3. Go short

Even though the autumn months are chilly, continue to go short. Make sure that the hem of anything you wear remains above your boots, as showing that little bit of skin will make your appear much taller. Keep warm by wearing winter dresses and scarves. Our Sally, Monica, Lamont and Hanover boots will ensure that your toes remain toasty as well!

Want to commit to this style? 

Purchase our Sally, HanoverLamont or Monica knee high boots in-store, online or via our Insta-shop! They are available in multiple colours, such as black micro, grey micro, and camel (something to suit all tastes).

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