Let’s make it clear 3rd February 2017

Let’s make it clear

Love them or hate them, there’s no end in sight for the transparent trend!

We’ve got a lot of things to thank Kim Kardashian for (you can’t dispute the emojis), including the transparent/clear shoes trend that has been circulating online for the past two years. But 2017 is not done with it yet.

Still scared or confused on how to wear them or what to pair them with? There’s no need to shy away from perspex any longer, we’ve got you fam.

1. BareNaked and no faking it

When you’re strutting around in clear boots or heels there’s no hiding. Give your feet a buff and clean before slipping into your Cinderella shoes. (Or just use it as an excuse to justify a pedicure.)

2. Say No to Summer Sweat

Summer’s are hot, especially in Australia. You might have shied away from this trend due to the very understandable fear of sweat overload. No one wants a swamp in their shoes (and let’s not even get started on the smell).

You can evade this nightmare by not going for the transparent boot option, but instead opting for transparent heels that will allow fresh air to circulate where it’s needed on those hot days.
Our LYRIC CLEAR and MATRIX CLEAR are your best Summer options. Not only do they give Yeezy Season 2s a run for their money without the insane price tag, but they also come with a clear heel making the transition from casual daywear to classy nightwear as flawless and easy as possible.


3. Socks?

Yes. Socks.
Surprisingly socks and transparent heels are now more iconic of a duo than KimYe. If you’re not one to shy away from boots despite the warmer weather, then grab your nearest tube socks as they will deal with any potential sweat or ‘fogginess’. Even better? Not only is it a fresh look, but different coloured socks will make it seem like you’re wearing a new pair of shoes everyday.

 Wanting more of that sports luxe look? Once again, socks will help you achieve this whilst giving your look that extra edge. Get creative (but stay clear from pantyhose or stockings)!

Boots with socks 

4. Pair up some Perspex

Why stop at shoes? 2017 is going to be all PVC, so grab a transparent tote or handbag for that ultimate summer look.

Paired perspex can also serve its purpose on those colder, rainy days. Find a transparent umbrella or raincoat and strut your way through those puddles!

transparent tote or handbag transparent umbrella or raincoat

5. Denim is always in

You can never go wrong with denim. The beauty of the transparent shoe is that it turns any casual wear into straight-up glam. Pair up our LYRIC CLEAR or MATRIX CLEAR transparent heels with any cropped jeans lying around in your wardrobe for a classy look that will be perfect in any setting, from relaxed dinners to nights out with the girls.


6. Experiment with the Heel

If the thought of transparent shoes are still making you a little uneasy, you can start off small instead. Try a sandal or a boot that only features a perspex heel. Pair up our MATRIX NUDE with any dress, jeans or skirt to give your outfit more of that luxe feel. This way you can dip your toes in without getting all of your feet wet.

Matrix Nude Heel


Matrix Nude Heel AU$79.95

You can purchase LYRIC CLEAR, MATRIX CLEAR and MATRIX NUDE in store, online, or through our brand new Instashop! Featuring all of our Instagram looks, allowing you to buy exactly what you like. No fuss, no problems.

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