How to tie your heels so they stay up 15th January 2017

How to tie your heels so they stay up

How do you tie your lace up heels?

The lace up heel trend is going nowhere in 2017. Although they’ve been around a while, we still can’t get enough of the class and elegance that they exude. That said, they do have their occasional downsides — and by that we literally mean having to deal with laces sliding down your legs. No one wants their heels to look like baggy socks, so here are a couple of tips on how to properly tie up your lace up heels.

1. Keep it Ankle-Length

When wearing lace up heels — like our beautiful ABEL or CELTIC collection — try wrapping the straps several times around your ankle. Your calf muscle is larger than your ankle so make sure to keep your ties below the calves as that will avoid any accidental slips. Be creative with this length – it will look great regardless as to whether you use bows or normal knots, whether you’re messy or neat with it, or whether your straps are thick or thin! This look is amazingly versatile: go for cropped jeans or any dress in your closet, all options will look fab.

lace up strap heels

2. Go all out for the Gladiator Look 

If you’re not one to shy away from the gladiator look, make sure you go all out. Make sure that you tie your lace up heels over your calves and stop below the knee. That will anchor your ties in position and prevent them from slipping down. Use the simple criss-cross technique when trying to achieve this look and use the least amount of wrap as possible. This look will elongate your legs and make you look super tall.

freelance shoes abel navy heels lace up

3. Use Hairspray

Are you still insistent on a mid-calf tie up? Don’t worry, there is a last resort! Tie your lace up heels mid calf, grab some hairspray from the bathroom and spray away at your legs. This will give your laces something to hold on. Although be careful when undergoing this step and choose your hairspray wisely as the product can affect the material of your heels!

4. Not too tight!

You know that you’re going to dance the night away and you know it might get a little wild. The last thing you want to worry about it re-tying your heels or making sure the wraps stay up right, so you might be tempted to secure them as tightly as possible. You’ve got to resist this temptation!  Let your legs breathe and don’t make them look like a piece of tied up meat! (You know what we’re talking about).

5. Let the heels do the hard work

 We recommend our JUNEY or KAY collection for those who can’t be bothered with the entire tie up and wrapping process. These shoes will do the work for you while giving you that elegant — and vintage sleek — look that is not always to easy to achieve yourself!

All our heels mentioned in this blog post can be purchased in-store, online or through our brand-new InstaShop.

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